Ignite Program

The Ignite Program was launched in partnership with Love and Hands on the 30th April 2022 in Kicukiro district, Gahanga Sector, in Groupe Scholaire de Gahanga. 

The Ignite Program will equip Her Voice Matters (HVM)  graduates  with the skills to start and run business or initiatives that respond to the challenges they face within their communities. Our hope is that  through these projects, HVM graduates will be able to respond to community challenges while running income-generating activities. 

The ignite sessions will combine Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) to train participants on how to start and run feasible businesses that leverage local and existing resources. In addition to the ABCD ignite sessions, the participants will receive a leadership training refresher,  which will set the tone for the program. Finally, the Generation Rise team will use this program to establish a graduates engagement structure which will help  to support  connected peer  cohorts comprised of graduates from their programs. 

2022-2023 Ignite | Implemented Businesses

Coming soon. 

Our Partner | Love and Hands

Love and Hands is a social enterprise that works to promote sustainable solutions to development challenges by connecting existing resources(assets) and skills to challenges. , we specialize in asset-based community development training, asset-based tools, and asset-based project management. Our services are tailored for organizations, organizations that target beneficiaries, and community stakeholders that are working to establish sustainable solutions for socio-economic challenges. We also run non-profit initiatives that are aimed at helping disadvantaged communities to discover, mobilize, and use existing assets to solve their most pressing challenges. 



The Ignite Program uses the ABCD approach that enables communities to drive their own change by identifying, connecting and mobilizing existing but often unrecognized resources, capacities and skills for collective action. It emphasizes on the following: 

  • Uniqueness of the approach 
  • Builds on assets not needs 
  • Establishes ownership and sustainability 
  • Breaks the dependency cycle 


This community approach is guided by the following core principles throughout the planning and implementation:

1.     Asset based

2.     Place based

3.     Citizen driven 

4.     Relationship driven

5.     Inclusion 

Participants will engage in  four sessions  using the ABCD approach 


1.     Mindshift: from dependency to ability 

2.     Responsibility: Ownership 

3.     Asset mapping: Resources and opportunity recognition  

4.     Action 

ABCD Trainings

The Asset Based Community Development extended training designed for Her Voice Matters (HVM) graduates started on the 21st May 2022. The trainings will be conducted over a four week period taking place once per week. The first training took place at two sites Gahanga Secondary School and Kabuga Secondary school having 23 and 6 graduates respectively. 


In the first ABCD training, Her Voice Matters (HVM) graduates were given the general overview of program and introduced to the content of the inception skills of the ABCD mindset.

More updates to follow shortly!