Her Voice Matters | Three Track Approach

Generation Rise Student Academy

Student Academy

It is a platform for girls enrolled in HVM to engage with their trainers and mentors through five well defined trainings topics namely:
* Leadership
* Reading and Goal setting
* Seeking out opportunities and effective communication 
* Sexual and Reproductive health


The Academy also offers circles of literature where girls receive a copy of pre-selected books to read and participate in weekly literature series where together they discuss the content and themes that emerge from the book using appropriate thought provoking questions. These sessions not only allow the girls to develop a culture of reading but more importantly, they  learn to practice their opinions and gain peer support as they strive to achieve better lives. 

Generation Rise Teacher Institute

Teacher Institute 


Our teacher Institute refers to a model of engaging volunteer teachers who are committed to enhance girl’s empowerment through education and mentorship. Volunteer teachers support GR staff to transfer life skills that are indispensable for Rwandans girls to thrive and become future leaders. They also the one who facilitate the implementation of community projects initiated by girls.

Generation Rise Mentoring Buddy Program

Mentoring Buddy Program 


One of our key trainings involves girl’s commitment to set the right goals that are linked to the future that they desire to build. Despite that desire, girls lack role models and the right guidance in order to inspire them to achieve the pre-set goals and wishes. This component of our program equips them with an opportunity to support each other and be exposed to other women who have undertaken the same life journey and who are leading meaningful lives. 

Her Voice Matters Program Overview

Her Voice Matters

Despite initiatives mandating compulsory education for all boys and girls in Rwanda, many barriers exist that prevent girls from eventually pursuing higher degrees, entering the workforce, or aspiring for leadership positions. While these barriers are cultural entrenched and are reinforced systematically at home from a young age, we believe all girls should dream big and believe they can achieve. One roadblock to self-awareness and self-empowerment that we have identified is the lack of assigned reading and writing assignments in Rwandan schooling. Without reading books, many girls have a difficult time developing the ability to understand the world around them and viewing their roles more critically. Rwandan culture can often encourage introversion. We believe that girls will feel more self-assured after finding themselves reflected through the characters they read about, and more confident sharing their opinions and dreams with each other after journaling.

Her Voice Matters will help girls find their voices and inspire them to put their ideas into actions. We will begin working with students and teachers at two schools where selected girls, ages 14 to 20, will participate in facilitated weekly discussions about a variety of topics from assigned readings for a period of nine months. During this time, the girls will learn more about how to be leaders in their communities and build toolkits that will help them reach their goals.

Our Objectives:

-Provide a safe space where girls can express themselves without fear of being graded or rejected.
-Foster a culture of independence and self-motivated learning.
-Promote critical thinking and analysis of the themes, symbols, and characters in literature.
-Encourage self-reflection about their roles as individuals and women in their communities.
-Practice team-building and working with others to achieve shared goals.
-Establish strong mentorship relationships with female role models.
-Create lasting bonds and peer support networks.

Her Voice Matters | One Year Anniversary Celebration
May 2018 marks our core program "Her Voice Matters” one year anniversary! We are celebrating the courage and strength of the 60 young girls whom we worked with over the last year. They may still encounter challenges: extreme poverty and negative norms that consistently remind them that they are worth less than their brothers, but they are determined to stand up and not only fight for their rights but to also create an inclusive society where they can be leaders. We have no doubt that they can achieve this and in this new video they share some of their journeys towards brighter futures.


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