January 2021 Newsletter

Generation Rise - The SWITCH Magazine just released! Read about:

  • "My Life in Lockdown"
  • How Teachers Cope with the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Women in STEM & Covid Response
  • Reading & Dialogue
  • And much more... Please click below.

Images from the inauguration at G.S. Kabuga | Rwanda

September 2019 | Special Shout Out to Rebel Girls and their donation of the RG's Good Night Stories to our Her Voice Matters Program & Participants

The Rebel Girls Stories are a collection of over 200 tales of extraordinary women from around the world. We are excited to support the development and empowerment of our Generation Rise - Rebel Girls! 

Generation Rise in the News

Ntitwigisha abana b’abakobwa kuba inshinzi, tububakamo ubushobozi | Article here.

Umuryango wa Generation Rise wahuguye abanyeshuri b'abakobwa kurushaho kwitinyuka-AMAFOTO | Article here.